OMARI "WISE-O" HARDWICK - "Return of the Poet"


Omari Hardwick is not only a seasoned spoken word artist but an established theater actor in Los Angeles and a promising film and television actor currently co-starring on the TNT television show "Dark Blue ". He also starred on the hit TNT television show "Saved" and co-starred on the feature film "The Guardian" with Kevin Costner and on "The Gridiron Gang" starring THE ROC.


Album Notes

The consummate artist! Omari is a poet, actor, close friend and undoubtedly an old soul. His artistry is unique, insightful and rooted in the art of word. Omari is a poet. What made this album a challenge was to capture such a great performer and spoken word artist while maintaining a musical form. This is definitely not your typical spoken word album! This album came together with ease, a synergy of distinct personalities and backgrounds all coming together to inspire a truly unique album. The collaboration of writers, poets, and musicians coming together to synthesize a spoken word album that you can listen to over and over and stands alone.

- Robert F. Trucios, Producer


1. BEGINNING (o. hardwick/anderson/joe)

2. NEGRO HERO (o. hardwick/anderson/joe/trucios)

3. BACKWORDS (o. hardwick/schmalholz/anderson/joe/trucios) featuring In-Q

4. GUERILLAS IN THE MIST (o. hardwick/schmalholz/anderson/joe/trucios)

5. PARADISE (o. hardwick/anderson/joe/trucios)

6. THIS ONE (o. hardwick)

7. GIRL BREAKS HEART (PART 1) (o. hardwick)

8. VENT (o. hardwick/trucios)

9. MAKE THE WORLD MY GIRL (j. hardwick/anderson/joe)- featuring Jamil

10. STILL MISSING YOUR FACE (o. hardwick/j. hardwick/anderson/joe)- featuring Jae Tracie and Jamil

11. LOVE ME LIKE (o. hardwick/anderson/joe)

12. PAIN (o. hardwick/anderson/joe/trucios)- featuring Jae Tracie

13. EARTH (PRELUDE) (o. hardwick/anderson/joe)

14. LIFE 'N' TIMES (o. hardwick/schmalholz/trucios)- featuring In-Q

15. BOY TORN APART (PART 2) (j. hardwick)- featuring Jamil

16. EARTH (o. hardwick/anderson/joe)

17. END (wesson) - featuring Jae Tracie

Bonus Track
18. OVERCOME (o. hardwick/schmalholz/scott-heron/cabrera/trucios)- featuring Gina Scott-Heron